Waxing and Threading Hair Removal Techniques

PictureWouldn’t you simply love having clear, hairless and shiny skin glowing whenever you go-out with friends in that particular dress you’ve been dying to wear? Wouldn’t you just love having not to worry about shaving your unwanted hairs every two days? Well, this can happen simply by visiting any salon. They’ll provide you several great services in which waxing is the best suited to you!

Waxing is a genuine method of hair removal which will leave you to feel soft, silky & fresh. You’ll be able going out shamelessly, with no worries, showing off your outfits/dresses with your beautiful looking skin.

Waxing is used for taking out the unwanted hairs from the places like legs, Brazilian area, bikini, arms, stomach, and under-arms and even from the face. This can also be done just by small strips for avoiding the hair removal you actually want. It’s also done with the warm wax that is heated-up in wax warmer, in order that it isn’t too hot to apply & burn your skin. Different kinds of waxes are there which are used for different types of skins. For Brazilian, bikini and underarms area, hard wax is used that will pull-out the ingrown hairs from those areas. The other wax type is softer that can be used on the sensitive areas such as arms, legs, face and stomach.

PictureJust like waxing, threading is also used for removing hairs from face specially eyebrows. This can be done by using special type of thread that can be used as scissors in unique pattern with the fingers. To shape eyebrows in good looking way, many females prefer threading over any other hair removal technique. It is a bit painful but very effective. Threading is also performed on upper lips and in some cases (females) on upper cheeks. You should go with an expert for waxing and threading.


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